Wicked Wednesday – Keeping It Real

Erotica is glamourised?

Really? *gasps in amazement*

Well bloody hell!! Next you’ll be telling me that WWE wrestling isn’t choreographed and that EastEnders is real.

The “No Shit Sherlock” department have really outdone themselves this time.

Of course it’s glamourised and not realistic. Do you think condom troubles and sudden loss of libido are the things popular erotica novels are made of?

Here are two versions of the same story – a fantasy one and a far more realistic one.

This story is not for the narrow minded.  If any descriptions of sex are not your bag then you’d better leave now – here’s a link for you to click. You have been warned.

The Fantasy

I saw his outline as the last efforts of the smoke machine faded and I felt serious rust lust.  Cute, my height and a lovely shape.  The room cleared more and I saw his pale skin and clean shaven face.  I wanted him. If he had a cute friend then maybe there’s potential for a threesome.  My cock grew hard at the thought of this delicious looking guy indulging his lustful desires with me.  He sat down at a table near the corner of the room next to a slightly ajar door, fingering a half empty glass.

“Wish he was fingering me like that,” I thought.  My trousers were growing tighter.  Thankfully the semi dark of the room helped to mask my arousal, which would have been obvious had the lighting been at normal levels.  The ajar door gave me an ideal excuse to go and sit with him.  Maybe he was waiting for friends.  I wouldn’t know if I didn’t go over.

I worked my way across the dance floor through the cavorting dancers, their bodies made more flexible by the consumption of various cocktails.  More than a few people here would be feeling the aftermath of their drinking and dancing come their awakening.

Approaching the table I gestured towards the bench and raised an eyebrow to enquire if there was a free seat.   He nodded and opened the palm of his hand to point to the bench.  I sat next to him – not too close and we sipped our drinks.

“Nice view tonight,” I said, inclining my head towards the dance floor.
“Green girls don’t do much for me, though that security guard has potential.”
“Not bad but a bit too much beefcake and way too much Tango”

He smiled a lovely smile and offered me his hand in greeting.

“Kai,” he said.

“Jay,” I replied, taking his hand firmly but not too firmly.  As we loosened our grips Kai’s hand lingered on the drawback from the handshake.  Yum, he’s interested.  Kai had nearly finished his drink so I offered to get him another, an offer gratefully received.  I hoped he would be equally grateful for another offer I wanted to make him.

We chatted as best one could with the loud music, and it wasn’t long before we were both near to finishing our drinks.  Kai started to get up, nodding to me to follow him.  There was another bar across the hall and that was where he seemed to be heading.  I got up and followed.  As the door closed behind us and we entered the hallway Kai stopped suddenly and I bumped into him.

Deliberate stop.  Kai reached back, his hand touching my crotch and said

“There are tastier drinks up in my room – fancy trying some?”
“Sure,” I said, trying not to sound too clichéd.

We took the lift up to Kai’s room.  I looked him over as we stood in the lift.  Kai looked back at me.

“Enjoying the view?”
“Much better than what was downstairs”

Kai looked at the bulge in my trousers.

“That had better not be packaging in there”
“It’s real, you’ll see”

Kai led me into his room and lay on the bed.  His own bulge was clear to see now.

“Care to share a shower?” Kai asked suddenly.
“Mmmm! May I help you undress?”

Kai stood there with his arms open, an invitation to undress him.  It didn’t take long to strip him down and he returned the favour.  I watched him bend over the bath and turn the shower on.  A gorgeous pale and tight arse.  Oh yes, I definitely wanted him.

In the shower we washed ourselves down before our hand started to wander.  Touching Kai’s shoulders my hands moved around his chest and slowly downwards.  I looked down and saw his hardening cock.  I wanted that inside me, hot and hard and sweet.  Soon I was cupping his nutsack with one hand and playing with his hardness with the other.

I knelt slowly, wanting to savour this act of lust.  I breathed over his now stiff cock as the hot water cascaded off us then slowly licked his head.  Nice taste. I was going to enjoy this.  Licking, sucking and kissing his throbbing member, I was worshipping Kai’s delicious cock which stiffened more under my oral attentions.  He was bigger than me, at least 9 inches, and with girth to go with it.

Coming up for air I looked at his beautiful balls.  They were tighter than when I first started to play with them; I returned to my act of worship, sucking slowly at first and gradually getting faster and taking him deeper into my mouth.  Kai’s moaning became louder and heavier, his balls tightening under my palm.  Then his cock started to stiffen even more as his climax built up.

I didn’t want a warning and I didn’t get one – as I got faster and faster around his cock head Kai fired his orgasm into my mouth, gasping and groaning as he twitched and fired again.  I took his length into my mouth, held for a few seconds and then stood, licking my lips.  An invitation Kai recognised as he kissed me full on.  We stayed entwined in each other’s bodies for several minutes before Kai unlocked his lips from mine and whispered

“Please fuck me, you can have me any way you want after the way you sucked my cock.”

I led Kai by his cock out of the shower where we dried off.  Nicely dried I pushed Kai onto the bed.

“On all fours please.”

Kai assumed the position, offering me his bare arse.  I teased a lubed finger round his arsehole and worked it in.  One finger became two which soon became my lubed cock.  Kai gasped as he felt my cockhead probing his exquisitely waxed hole.  Then he relaxed and allowed my stiffness to fill him, moaning as he felt my member taking him.

“Christ! That’s a lovely cock you have!”  He tightened his arse around my cock, making me moan as well.  Slowly I started to thrust, fucking the sexy guy  and drawing my fingernails up and down his back.  As I pushed deep into Kai I dug my fingernails into his arse cheeks and he gasped.

“Fuck! Do that again!”

So I did.  Several times.  Kai’s breathing got heavy again and that turned me on even more.  My thrusts got faster and faster as I sought, as I craved orgasm.  I felt it building up inside me, heavier breathing, deeper thrusting and then suddenly I cried out, blasphemed and swore as climax shook my body and my cock delivered the payload of an almighty orgasm.

And now…

The Reality

I felt slightly more than a bit of a dick in the Star Trek uniform.  I struggled to see through the smoke machine’s efforts at ejaculation.  A couple of people had already slipped over where the machine had leaked the smoke liquid on the floor but they were probably pissed already and wouldn’t really feel it.

There was a scantily clad lass wearing green body paint and dancing erotically as an Orion slave girl.  She was getting plenty of attention on the dance floor and the idea of being surrounded by a load of Trekkies grunting like Beavis & Butthead over an attractive girl did nothing for me.  There was a slightly ajar door near the corner of the room.  Maybe the air was more breathable over there.

There was a ginger guy sat by the door.  I was just about to make eye contact with him when I slipped on the smoke fluid.  Didn’t fall over but I’m sure I looked an even bigger dick than I already felt.  I gestured to the bench next to him and asked if I could sit there.  Well, I mouthed it rather than asked it.  The loud music didn’t do anything for conversation.

As I sat down the lights came up a bit and I got a better look at the guy.  If he was available I’d certainly be interested, though would you want to be chatted up by someone in a Star Trek uniform?  We struck up a conversation of sorts.  It’s fucking impossible to flirt and make innuendoes when Mister Sodding Boom Bastic is blaring out from the PA. I was hoping my body language was making itself obvious to him.

We shook hands and his hand lingered some as we shook.  Could be a sign of interest.  Could be a sign of fear.  Wonder if he’ll let me buy him a drink?  Yes, and not one of the silly named theme cocktails.  Quite what would be in the Vulcan Surprise doesn’t bear thinking about.

More chat and flirting, he’s relaxing a bit.  Good.  Then he got up and nodded to me to follow.  We got into the hallway when he said “That’s better! That smoke stuff stinks!”.

“Where to now?” I asked.  There were two other bars in the venue.

“We can drink cheap booze down here or I’ve got something far more enjoyable upstairs.” He came closer and fondled my crotch.  I returned the gesture.

“Let’s find out how tasty you are!  Are you D and D free?”
“Yes. Got my most recent test results on my phone. What about you?”
“Yes and so have I.”

In the lift Kai took out an inhaler and breathed deeply from it.  I watched him, part lust and part hoping he would be ok.  Had I realised he was asthmatic I would have offered a change of location.

Kai opened the door to his room, invited me in and lay on his bed for a few minutes.  Again I watched him, part lust and part hoping he would be ok.  He started to undress.

“I need a shower. Want to come and clean up?”

I must have looked an even bigger dick because the zip on my trousers wouldn’t go down. I’d crammed myself into this sodding Star Trek uniform and now couldn’t get the bugger off!  Kai came over, pulled the zip up, forward and then down.  I breathed a sigh of relief.

The shower was running nice and warm.  We washed ourselves to get rid of the smoky smell and I was wondering when the right time would be to start the wandering hands.  Damn, Kai had a beautiful cock and I wanted some of it.  Would he want to give some of it to me?

“Are you just going to look or are you going to touch?”

Shit.  I started to suck Kai’s cock and play with his balls.  He definitely likes that.  Christ, his cock is huge!  I suck on his cock, feeling it get bigger in my mouth. Bigger than mine, quite a serious package.  I focus on the cock in my mouth, enjoying the pleasuring I’m giving.  So is Kai.

And then, without any indication of it happening, the water turns freezing cold.  Kai jumps forward and deep throats me totally unexpectedly. How I didn’t clamp my teeth down I don’t know, but fucking hell!  Not in the spirit of the game and it leaves me somewhat surprised, backing off and gasping for air.

He’s very apologetic.  Well-mannered as well as cute.  After a few minutes to recover I start stroking his cock again and carry on where we’d been forced to leave off.  Tugging gently on his balls and working him with my mouth really hits the spot.

He’s just about to ask how much warning I’d like when my tongue again works on his cock head and makes him shoot.  A lot.  I’ve tasted worse.  Will he kiss me?  Oh yes, that gets me harder :)

We dry off and Kai kneels on the bed, offering me his ass.  I pull a condom from my pocket.

“Got any lube?”

“Shit, where did I put the lube?” is followed by ten minutes of scrabbling though bags.  Having found the lube my cock has softened some, certainly not hard enough for what I want to do.  I apply some to my cock head, play with myself and soon I’m hard.  But now I’ve got lube on my fingers I can’t open the condom wrapper.

Kai opens it, plays with me and rolls the condom down my shaft.  We’re kneeling on the bed.  Some more lube on my cock, some round his arse hole.  A couple of lubed fingers play with his arse before my cock head replaces them.  The lube is good but I slip moving my cock between his arse cheeks and slam my balls against them.  Ouch.

Regain hardness and finally we’re fucking.  Feels great for both of us, he compliments me on my cock.  His pale sexy arse is also doing plenty to get me going.  Oooh yes, definitely going. Lots of scratching his back and his arse.  Heavier breathing as I lift myself up in the kneeling position and push deeper and faster.  Deeper and faster, oh yes, here it comes.  My breathing gets heavier, my body starts to tense and oh God, here it comes, oh yes… oh yes…

Then a scream of blasphemy.

It’s cramp.

At the same time as I’m coming.

I fall back onto the bed, my cock twitching in climax and my leg tensed to hell with evil bugger cramp.


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Comments: 3

  1. Marie Rebelle January 23, 2014 at 10:07 pm Reply

    Somehow reality always brings a smile to my face, where fantasy/glamorous sex tends to excite… I guess that’s what erotic fiction is about 😉

    Great write!

    Rebel xox

  2. Curvaceous Dee January 23, 2014 at 10:19 pm Reply

    *giggles* Oh yes – the orgasm cramp – been there, screamed in pain at that! It’s funny, months later… and this was a hoot to read! (Did wonder why the link away was to startrek,com, initially. Then all became clear. *grin*)

    xx Dee

  3. Lord Raven January 26, 2014 at 4:34 am Reply

    fantastic write. I would say that the reality it a lot more fun to read this time around and I enjoyed you male male piece. Damn I hate when the water turns cold like that

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