What Is Sex?

Inspired by TwistdFiction’s post about this topic, here are the Bad Kitty’s thoughts on sex.  Naturally they are from the Bad Kitty’s point of view.

Those who repress their needs and desires confuse the Bad Kitty.  As humans we are mammals and part of our genetic make up is the urge to procreate.  As only humans and dolphins are fortunate enough to enjoy the ability to have sex for recreational purposes, Bad Kitty feels that we should enjoy, indulge and satiate those desires.  There is nothing wrong with enjoying consensual sex, whatever anyone may tell you to the contrary.  Sex is a pleasurable activity.  It counts as exercise and burns off calories.  Sex should be embraced, not looked at and retreated from.

Sex can be many things. Here are a few examples:

  • A deep, spiritual experience which connects the participants
  • A lust crazed coupling lasting a few frantic minutes
  • A slow, gentle night of mutual pleasuring
  • Being consensually used by your partner to fulfill their pleasure
  • Watching porn with your partner(s) and then having bedbreaking sex
  • A roleplay scenario
  • A quick blowjob somewhere you wouldn’t usually get one
  • A humiliating few minutes where your cock doesn’t get hard so your partner has to use a toy
  • A booze fuelled knee trembler resulting in unsatisfactory premature climaxes or failure to perform

Bad Kitty hopes you can see that there is good sex, bad sex and great sex.  How many of us have had good sex? Great sex? Bad sex?  Be honest now :)  We’ve all had our fair share of all three of those categories.

What makes for great, good and bad sex depends entirely on the participants.  There are different types of sex and there are different types of orgasm.  If every orgasm felt exactly the same then why would we enjoy sex so much?  Like eating the same food every day, sex would lose its lustre and its enjoyment factor if orgasms came off the conveyor belt all the same.

Sometimes there are good orgasms, ones that feel good.  Sometimes there are powerful orgasms, ones which drive your partner’s head through the headboard as the climax rocks your body.  Sometimes there are full body orgasms which leave you incoherent, twitching and generally useless for a fair while after.  Sometimes there are orgasms which leave you needing osteopathic treatment.  Sometimes there are what Bad Kitty calls the Nick Clegg orgasm – the disappointing little squirt.  Then there are those times when you don’t orgasm at all.

Here’s a point Bad Kitty wants to make.  It may shock you. It may even horrify you (there’s a film reference there btw, Kitty points for you if you can find it).

You don’t have to orgasm every time for sex to be enjoyable!

Yes, you read that right.

You don’t have to orgasm every time for sex to be enjoyable!

Seriously, good or even great sex can just be about pleasuring your partner(s) or about enjoying the act without climaxing.  Climaxing is great when it happens but don’t obsess about your own orgasm every time you have sex: you may well lose whatever it is that makes you a great sexual performer.

Embrace your sex lives. Talk about sex with your partners. Go out and build or improve on it. When things work, enjoy them. When things don’t work (like a *ahem* Star Trek uniforms thing didn’t once) then relax and learn from it so next time you come across that scene things work a whole lot better (ohhhh YEAHHHHHHH!)

Don’t be afraid of sex.  It isn’t evil, it isn’t sinful and more often than not it’s damn good fun!

That’s not to put down the act of self-pleasuring.  Oh no, that would be wrong.  Here’s the delectable lesbian vampire poet, Rosie Lugosi on that very subject.

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  1. Innocent Loverboy February 2, 2013 at 2:11 pm Reply

    You don’t have to orgasm every time for sex to be enjoyable!

    Amen. Preach it, bro’.

    • badkitty February 2, 2013 at 3:42 pm Reply

      Hi ILB, thanks for dropping by :) Bad Kitty will keep preaching this gospel forever!

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