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#SinfulSunday – Hot Cross Boobies

The Bad Kitty and his Space Bunny have been busy over the last few months.  For one thing we’re no… Continue reading »

#SinfulSunday – Cock Guitar

The Bad Kitty is a student and devotee of an ancient art of puppetry.  There are no strings, there are… Continue reading »

#SinfulSunday – Attack Of The Clones

After the Sithful Sunday post it seemed there was a bit of a Star Wars thing going.  Having cloned my… Continue reading »

#SinfulSunday – Wax On, Wax Off

My Foxette loves wax play, especially when the wax is taken off with a knife.

#SinfulSunday – Sithful Sunday (Part I)

It’s fun being on the Dark Side of The Force, especially when the lightsaber comes out for my Foxette

#SinfulSunday – Scratch The Kitty! (2)

Most Kitties like being scratched and The Bad Kitty is no exception.  But there’s scratching and there’s the right kind… Continue reading »

#SinfulSunday – Today I Thought Of You

Chocolate shop Thorntons has a box of chocolates called “Today I Thought Of You”.  Bad Kitty couldn’t resist his own… Continue reading »

#SinfulSunday – DIY Toys

Making one’s own toys can be fun.  The Bad Kitty is quite useful at making his own cattle prod type… Continue reading »

#SinfulSunday – Legs

The Bad Kitty thanks She who is his Mistress for permission to post this photo.  One for people who like… Continue reading »

#SinfulSunday – Rollerball

This week’s #SinfulSunday offers a competition.  Pick a film title and make your own photograph to represent it.  How could… Continue reading »