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#SinfulSunday – Another Adorable Ass (“I’m An Ass Man!”)

There used to be a wrestler called “Mr Ass” whose intro song started with the line “I’m an ass man!”. … Continue reading »

#SinfulSunday – Cane That Cute Ass!

This week’s Sinful Sunday prompt is Back To School.  The Bad Kitty has happy memories of a certain Schoolgirl themed… Continue reading »

#SinfulSunday – Sithful Sunday (Part I)

It’s fun being on the Dark Side of The Force, especially when the lightsaber comes out for my Foxette

#SinfulSunday – Scratch The Kitty! (2)

Most Kitties like being scratched and The Bad Kitty is no exception.  But there’s scratching and there’s the right kind… Continue reading »

#SinfulSunday – Paaaarty!

Imaging you’re at a kinky party with friends. Someone asks you if you would be kind enough to play with… Continue reading »

#SinfulSunday – Adorable Ass

Once Bad Kitty and a few friends decided to have a themed night out. The chosen theme was schoolgirls. Bad… Continue reading »

#SinfulSunday – Instruction

You know those occasions when you see someone kneeling over and you just have to get the stylus out…. *grin*