Switch Blues

Here’s a poem called Switch Blues.

I need to be tied up
Feel pinwheel and wand
Being caressed yet hurting
At expert hands
My arse warm and stinging
From flesh, paddle and cane
To have my hair pulled
Feel the pleasure of pain
To be stretched out and helpless
Feel a blade or a point tracing on skin
Pushing so hard it might just go in
I need to be tied up
I cannot explain
To those who don’t know
What rapture I’ll gain
It’s a major part of me
I cannot ignore
These passions inside me
You may abhor
What it is that we do
But it’s my kink and done safely
It’s no threat to you
The message is don’t mess
With what you don’t understand
Or come take a trip
Into S&M land
Join me in being
A sub or a switch
A schoolboy or girlie
Or a domme evil bitch
You’ll see we’re not weird
Just creatively inclined
And no way the product
Of a malevolent mind
But back to my cravings
A switch’s one side
Might lose out to the other
But that’s part of the ride
And now I must right this lop sided ship
With the aid of a woman
Who’s good with a whip

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  1. The Foxette January 9, 2013 at 5:43 am Reply

    Very cool Bad Kitty. I know for me kink was very intimidating and occasionally remains that way but when you have a patient and kind teacher you trust, it really makes quite the difference. Thank you for being a quality teach and well done again on the poem.

    • badkitty January 9, 2013 at 10:21 am Reply

      Thank you my Foxette :)

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