Sex Is Not The Enemy!

Why should open, honest discussion and advice about sex, sexuality and gender issues be censored by government?

What kind of government wants to restrict access to websites offering advice to those coming to terms with their sexuality?

What kind of Internet Service Providers allow people to prevent their families accessing sites with information they need? Childline, The Samaritans, domestic violence helplines, et cetera.

Why does government allow itself to be driven by the agendas of the narrow minded and the technologically illiterate?

The UK government is looking to erode your digital privacy and rights even further.

What else will government censor because they don’t like it?

The censorious “moral meltdown” brigade do not realise and do not care that their idiotic rhetoric and ideas do not help to encourage open discussion and sensible education.

Love and sex are not the enemy.  The narrow minded politicians and godswallop spouting halfwits who are promoting an anti-sex moral meltdown campaign are a pernicious breed promoting the kind of censorship that cannot be allowed to happen in a democracy.