#SinfulSunday – Another Adorable Ass (“I’m An Ass Man!”)

There used to be a wrestler called “Mr Ass” whose intro song started with the line “I’m an ass man!”.  Perhaps the Bad Kitty should rewrite this song with sexier, kinkier lyrics.  It appears that ass pics are quite popular here :)

Enjoy this Sinful Sunday’s pic, taken before some truly sinful fun one Sunday afternoon.  Well, what else to do when presented with such a pleasing sight?  What would you like to do with/to this ass?


#SinfulSunday – Cane That Cute Ass!

This week’s Sinful Sunday prompt is Back To School.  The Bad Kitty has happy memories of a certain Schoolgirl themed night, one of which you may have seen in the Adorable Ass post. When a schoolgirl has been very naughty sometimes she needs to be punished, and lines just won’t do the job. So what do you do?


Anti Internet Censorship Meeting

The Bad Kitty attended the Anti Internet Censorship Meeting at the XBiz EU conference in London last Monday. His reasons for doing so included:

  • A firmly held belief that censorship of the internet is wrong
  • A firmly held belief that what goes on between consenting adults is not the business of the state
  • To hear the excellent Myles Jackman (@ObscenityLawyer)
  • To hear what people working in the adult industry have to say
  • To assess any arguments coming from the pro-censorship brigade
  • To chat with people attending about this issue. Many thought-provoking issues were raised and discussed before, during and after the meeting.


Wicked Wednesday – Wendy From Work

Here’s one of many stories which led to me being called Bad Kitty :-)  Workplace affairs can be amazing, smouldering and seriously arousing.  Sometimes people are just what you dream they are….


Hostgator FAIL

Today Bad Kitty became aware of a site which scrapes and reposts others’ content as its own.  So Bad Kitty looked up the hosting company which holds the site.  It turned out to be Hostgator.


#SinfulSunday – Attack Of The Clones

After the Sithful Sunday post it seemed there was a bit of a Star Wars thing going.  Having cloned my willy previously the Foxette and I giggled like loonies when I suggested a BKE version of Attack Of The Clones.

Well, it can’t be any worse than the film was, right?


#KinkOfTheWeek – Electroplay

The Bad Kitty has previously purred about Violet Wands – if you’re new to these wonderful devices then you may find it to be useful reading. Bad Kitty loves violet wands lots but there is more to electroplay.

Like many things BDSM related, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.  If electroplay isn’t your bag then please don’t click the read more link.  If you’re curious about it then please feel free to read on.


#SinfulSunday – Wax On, Wax Off

My Foxette loves wax play, especially when the wax is taken off with a knife.


#KinkOfTheWeek – Knifeplay

Knifeplay hadn’t crossed the Bad Kitty’s radar until he saw a demo of it.  It’s one of those things which people think is hardcore and extreme but doesn’t need to be.  Some people enjoy the thrill of being tied up and having a sharp blade pressed against them, others enjoy being marked by the point of a blade and others go for having letters or symbols carved into them.


#SinfulSunday – Sithful Sunday (Part I)

It’s fun being on the Dark Side of The Force, especially when the lightsaber comes out for my Foxette :)