#KinkOfTheWeek – The Delight Of The Bite

Those of you who have read Bad Kitty’s Sinful Sunday posts will know of The Bite which started his journey into the kinky world.  So the act of being bitten is one which holds great significance for this Kitty and which has encouraged and provided many fantasy moments since.

As a switch, bites are something the Bad Kitty likes to give as well as receive.  Bites can range from a feathering of the teeth over flesh, through a gentle bite all the way up to something harder.  Pretty much any part of the body can be fair game for a bite; the favourite places to nip and nibble include asses, breasts and cocks.  If you can lick it there’s a good chance you can probably nip it too.

Ah yes, the thorny (why?) topic of the use of teeth in blow jobs.  This Kitty loves to feel teeth sliding up and down his shaft as well as on his neck and ass.  It isn’t everybody’s cup of tea but life would be so dull if we all had the same tastes.  Of course you aren’t going to bite straight into an erect cock or nipple, use of teeth isn’t something you’re going to dive into unless you’re doing a vampire play scenario.

Maybe I’m biased because a gorgeous gothic Goddess bit me and made me Her slave but Bad Kitty does like vampire films and vampire fantasies.  Two films worth checking out are Dracula AD 1972 (Tim Burton’s thoughts on it are interesting) and Razor Blade Smile.  They may not win awards from the mainstream but they are on the Bad Kitty’s list of sexy films to view.   You don’t always have to watch porn to get in a sexy mood.

The offering of one’s neck for biting is an act of submission, of trust, of saying “Take me, mark me, taste me” without words.

Lust bites (a more appropriate name than love bites)  are often fun to give and receive and easily covered up by a turtle neck top.  The Bad Kitty has a few of those in his wardrobe :)  And yes, the Bad Kitty has bitten and been bitten by guys and girls.

But you knew that already.

Here’s a pic of a bruise from a bite encounter with a sweet girl you may have already read about.



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Comments: 3

  1. Mia January 17, 2014 at 9:39 pm Reply

    I love vampires too, however, I don’t like hard bites!!! Great post!

    ~Mia~ xx

  2. Sammi January 20, 2014 at 10:12 pm Reply

    I like vampire films as well (Razor Blade Smile was definitely an interesting one) – irl I’ll take nibbles over bites, though. That is quite the pic!

  3. Molly January 23, 2014 at 10:18 pm Reply

    Love that bite mark, it looks like a happy face!


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