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#SinfulSunday – Attack Of The Clones

After the Sithful Sunday post it seemed there was a bit of a Star Wars thing going.  Having cloned my… Continue reading »

#SinfulSunday – DIY Toys

Making one’s own toys can be fun.  The Bad Kitty is quite useful at making his own cattle prod type… Continue reading »

#SinfulSunday – Paaaarty!

Imaging you’re at a kinky party with friends. Someone asks you if you would be kind enough to play with… Continue reading »

#SinfulSunday – Easter Fun

What will you be doing this Easter Sunday?  Easter and kink go together so well.  The Bad Kitty looks forward… Continue reading »

#SinfulSunday – Rude Toys!

This #SinfulSunday entry is a more tongue in pussy cheek one   Recently Bad Kitty had the pleasure of visiting… Continue reading »

#SinfulSunday – If You Have A Tool…

In the Doctor Who story Inferno, the Third Doctor said “If you have a tool, it’s stupid not to use… Continue reading »

Violet Electro Kitty

This is a post about a favourite BDSM activity of the Bad Kitty, aimed at introducing Violet Wands to the… Continue reading »

Come Face To Face With Your Cock Thanks To Clone-A-Willy!

The Bad Kitty wanted to make a vibrator clone of his cock for Foxette, so he bought a Clone-A-Willy vibrator… Continue reading »