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Wicked Wednesday – Ejaculation Etiquette

The Bad Kitty recently found himself chatting with someone who considers themselves to be something of an expert on etiquette. … Continue reading »

Wicked Wednesday – New Year Wishes

What would the Bad Kitty like to see in 2014? Hmm… what do you think the Bad Kitty would like… Continue reading »

Bad Kitty’s Christmas Address

As Yule approaches, it is a time for celebration, a little (over) indulgence and contemplation. Usually it is a time… Continue reading »

Anti Internet Censorship Meeting

The Bad Kitty attended the Anti Internet Censorship Meeting at the XBiz EU conference in London last Monday. His reasons… Continue reading »

Hostgator FAIL

Today Bad Kitty became aware of a site which scrapes and reposts others’ content as its own.  So Bad Kitty… Continue reading »

What Is Sex?

Inspired by TwistdFiction’s post about this topic, here are the Bad Kitty’s thoughts on sex.  Naturally they are from the… Continue reading »

Violet Electro Kitty

This is a post about a favourite BDSM activity of the Bad Kitty, aimed at introducing Violet Wands to the… Continue reading »