Bad Kitty’s Christmas Address

As Yule approaches, it is a time for celebration, a little (over) indulgence and contemplation.

Usually it is a time of giving good wishes to the people you have met, but recent times have shown narrow-mindedness and stupidity in excelsis.

The Bad Kitty refers to David Cameron, Claire Perry, O2 and the United Methodist Church.

O2’s implementation of so-called “porn filters” has been nothing short of a total cock up, as their filters block considerably more than just adult sites.  So far there have been reports of O2’s filter blocking Childline, Samaritans, LGBT advice, political parties, health, domestic violence support sites and more. Even – a fashion clothing chain is blocked!

Other ISPs are following suit even though people with more technical knowledge than the government have said these filters will not work (though let’s be honest, my parents’ spaniel has more technical knowledge than Cameron, Perry and their Daily Fail reading advisors).  The government has already been told that it lacks the knowledge to adequately address technical issues but it still blunders on.  David Cameron’s appointment of that well known technical expert Claire Perry and backing her ill-considered views could set the United Kingdom back 40 years, maybe more.

Blocking Childline, the Samaritans, LGBT advice and domestic violence support sites? That is the act of a government which thinks the people it is supposed to serve should shut up and accept their lot, be good little proles who keep their traps shut.

As for the United Methodist Church, it has defrocked a pastor who oversaw a gay marriage.  Is this really the act of a Church which follows the instructions of Jesus including “Love one another”? (John 13:34 for the interested)

Jesus’ instruction to “Love one another” was unconditional. He didn’t say “Love only the straight folk, hate the gay, bi and trans folk.”  That’s the kind of thing Robert Mugabe might say.

The Bad Kitty is considerably more tolerant than Cameron and Perry.  Indeed, the Bad Kitty would be happy to extend the paw of friendship to any open minded individual, including:

  • Ass play aficionados from the Assemblies of God
  • Bondage loving Baptists
  • Castration fantasists from the Church of England
  • Cock sucking Catholics (of legal age please)
  • Ejaculation enjoying Episcopalians
  • Electroplay loving Evangelicals
  • Free Church Fisters
  • Flogger fanatical Flagellants
  • Jerk off loving Jehovah’s Witnesses
  • Libidinous Latter Day Saints
  • Lustful Lutherans
  • Mutual masturbation mad Methodists
  • Pervy Plymouth Brethren
  • Queefing Quakers
  • Rope mad Reverends
  • Squirting Seventh Day Adventists
  • Tit worshipping Trinitarians
  • Uniform loving Unitarians

As 2013 ends, the Bad Kitty has a clear message:

Love and sex are not the enemy.  The narrow minded politicians and godswallop spouting halfwits who are promoting an anti-sex moral meltdown campaign are a pernicious breed promoting the kind of censorship that cannot be allowed to happen in a democracy.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all the Bad Kitty’s friends, followers and readers.  May the Peace of the Paw be always with you. And also with Mew :)

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  1. Bunny December 22, 2013 at 8:19 pm Reply

    This lustful Lutheran loves her Rev. B. Kitty. There is nothing more vile than hatred no matter what people claim as the cause or the limitation of knowledge that censorship provides. Wise words indeed my love.

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