Anti Internet Censorship Meeting

The Bad Kitty attended the Anti Internet Censorship Meeting at the XBiz EU conference in London last Monday. His reasons for doing so included:

  • A firmly held belief that censorship of the internet is wrong
  • A firmly held belief that what goes on between consenting adults is not the business of the state
  • To hear the excellent Myles Jackman (@ObscenityLawyer)
  • To hear what people working in the adult industry have to say
  • To assess any arguments coming from the pro-censorship brigade
  • To chat with people attending about this issue. Many thought-provoking issues were raised and discussed before, during and after the meeting.

Myles Jackman was his usual ebullient and outstanding self, exposing the failings of the judiciary and the ignorance of those in government in understanding and applying the law.

There were videos in support of the meeting from @PornPanic and from Peter Acworth, founder of

It has been said elsewhere that this is a censorship vehicle given a paintjob of “let’s ban pornography”. Those who are obsessed with repressing exploration and dragging us back to the days of the Puritans (turnip, anyone?) cannot see this or if they can they don’t care about it. Blinkers are firmly on and anything outside their blinkered view is evil and must be banned.

The stories told by two other speakers were interesting and demonstrated how worthless it is to try and engage with the anti-porn Godbotherers and anti porn feministas. Bad Kitty once worked with a few of the Godbothering types who found the presence of a gay colleague extremely offensive and proclaimed it to be wrong. Bad Kitty enquired why they thought this way and was told “We *know* it’s wrong”.

What, like Hitler *knew* the Jews were responsible for the issues facing Germany after World War 1?

Like Tony Blair *knew* there were Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq?

Like Hendrik Voerwoerd *knew* that people of colour were inferior to white people?

Yeah, right, you can blame possession of any censorious view on “sincerely held religious faith”.

Of course there is always at least one person who turns up to repeat the “but you must think of the children!” line, demonstrating the blinkered view detailed above and completely ignoring the very relevant points made by the speakers about parenting.

  • A computer is not a babysitter.
  • Technology cannot ever replace parenting.
  • Never allow your child to go online unsupervised.
  • Always ensure they have their own restricted account on computers.

Things To Take On Board

After chatting with a few other people about the issues raised at the meeting, here are a few things the Bad Kitty thinks the adult industry should take on board:

Do not bother engaging with the “Christian” or “feminist” groups protesting against porn. Just like a broken record you won’t get anything from them other than the same old stuff over and over again.

Disprove their claims with evidence and real life experience. The internet has been great for exposing corruption, quackery, poor science and vested interests. If Channel 4 Factcheck, Quackwatch, Quackometer and Bad Science can do it then so can the adult industry.

Educate parents that there are already solutions out there to help prevent inappropriate access. There is no such thing as a 100% effective tool to prevent people accessing stuff they shouldn’t. There never has been but there are ways to help prevent such access. There could be a market for an adult insustry written solution.

Promote a “talk to your techie” scheme where tech folk can advise parents sensibly, without FUD, propaganda and faith based bullshit about how to use stuff like Adblock, Open DNS and the like to prevent inappropriate access. A recent UK government consultation on internet filtering was full of loaded questions to try and skew responses to supporting a mandatory filter rather than advocating sensible information for parents to use. If the government won’t provide that information here’s a great chance to shame them by doing what they daren’t.

For UK based people, focus on the issues Myles Jackman keeps talking about – the lack of a clear due process, lack of clear definitions, lack of transparency and the stupidity of government. Who the hell told David Cameron that “one click could get rid of all pornography?” That’s an idea he would love – one click and something he doesn’t like is removed from the internet forever. That’s a censor’s wet dream right there.  Why is one person’s religious views and FUD – Claire Perry – influencing government views on the Internet and censorship?

Work together on these, provide a united voice. Lobby as busily as the Godbotherers and feministas do but do it respectfully, politely and using facts rather than emotive claims.

Remember how the Government and anti-freedom of expression campaigners work. They use propaganda. They say a certain something is wrong. They make emotive claims about it. They brand those who won’t support them with an unpleasant moniker so others think twice about expressing an opposing view. They repeat it ad nauseam, using it as a boilerplate response to any discussion.

This kind of ties in with Josef Goebbels talking about the Big Lie and is the logical conclusion of this censorship vehicle, to silence all dissenting voices. With this in mind, Bad Kitty has adapted Pastor Martin Niemoller’s famous poem:

First They Came For The Pornographers

First they came for the pornographers, and I did not speak out because I did not want to be labelled an abuser.

Then they came for the kinky people, and I did not speak out because I did not want to be labelled a pervert.

Then they came for the privacy campaigners and I did not speak out because I did not want to be labelled a terrorist.

Then they came for me and there was nobody left to speak for me.

You can see the speeches from the meeting here.  Thanks to those who spoke at the meeting.

Closing Thoughts

Here’s the late great Bill Hicks talking about pornography. Think about what Bill says here then read the next paragraph.

For the record, the Bad Kitty gets really turned on when watching cricket. Really turned on, with moans of enjoyment that can only be described as sexual.  Ricky Ponting in full flow is pure masturbation material.  Another batsman that gives the Bad Kitty the horn is Jacques Kallis.  There’s some pretty sexy stuff from Jacques here. Shane Watson is big, blonde and brutal as this video demonstrates, hadning out utter degradation and humiliation for Bangladesh.  Here Shahid Afridi unleashes his trademark brutality on Malinga Bandara.

That’s before you get the Bad Kitty talking about bowling.  Wasim Akram swings it like nobody else ever did – that kind of swing really gets the Bad Kitty hard and horny. Kleenex time!

Is sport going to be censored because of the immense enjoyment it brings?  What about other activities which cause people serious pleasure?

A note to potential commenters: this is not the Guardian website so don’t waste time posting extremist or Godbothering vitriol because it will be censored in the same way you are seeking to censor the internet. You have your own forums for your bile, spill it all there.

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  1. Terry Stephens September 29, 2013 at 12:31 pm Reply

    Hello Kitty

    I moderate and manage the UKAPHQ twitter. Thank you for your observent, eloquent and thoughtful response. .

    This is to let you know UKAP (UK Adult Producers) are proposing to work with the ASACP as part of our plan to put forward suggestions with regards child protection. Contrary to the anti porn brigades thoughts, people in the adult industry have families too and dont want them exposed to anything they shouldnt be beyond their tender years so this is a concern for us too

    We are also in support of Anna Spans site to help put a voice out there to inform the media of facts concerning the adult industry so that they know the facts and how best to deal wth us

    We just dont agree with the “enforce their will” approach dictated to us by ATVOD and the ISP filtering.

    If they were decent about it they wouldve engaged a body like AITA and UKAP in dialogue by inviting us to the table and include our voice in the proceedings instead of victimising and penalising legitimate tax paying producers and companies by threatening censorship, criminalising and denial of payments

    People looking in would think we were being reigned in for being out of control and uncaring but from the inside looking out all I see is judgemental angry faces demanding the likes of us be punished for what is effectively a problem social networking and its sharing culture has precipitated.

    That said, we are calling in various agencies within the adult industry to see how we can remedy the problems and you have said some things already that we have been considering for some time already. The Xbiz event was a great platform to voice some of these issues facing us. I dont think there was a time anyone put a face on the business when discussing these issues so thank you XBiz for allowing us this chance for our opinions to be aired via Ben Yates

    That said I’m inviting you to attend the UKAP meeting on Monday afternoon November 25th to witness what we are doing about this situation and if youre lucky, Myles Jackman may even be present too

    Let me know if you wish to attend. I’ll follow you on twitter and we’ll DM detals there

    • badkitty October 1, 2013 at 6:48 pm Reply

      Hi Terry,

      Thanks for your comments and the RT. There is too much FUD spread by the ignorant, whether they be in the media, vested interest groups such as the religious right, government or those who are part of all three! It is time to even up the argument by education and presenting clear facts. There are tools out there that can help prevent unauthorised access, there are people out there who can advise how to use such tools and there is no reason why the narrow minded minority should be allowed to dictate and control peoples’ enjoyment of what is already legal material.

      It won’t be an easy battle – haters gonna hate whatever you say, hence the don’t bother engaging with them line. It’s a waste of time. Better to spend time, resources and energy educating those whose minds aren’t clamped shut. There is no shame in enjoying having sex or enjoying watching it. There is no shame in educating about sex in schools. There is shame in believing that leaving a minor alone in front of an unrestricted computer is adequate parenting.

      By taking a positive and proactive approach the adult industry could deliver a massive blow to the narrow minded out there. Bad Kitty would welcome that.

  2. Bunny September 29, 2013 at 6:43 pm Reply

    As I told Molly, I am both a Christian and a feminist but I am not antiporn. Oh sure I had heard that all women were forced into pornography but then I listened to Katie Morgan on her podcast talk about her religious upbringing and her choice to go into porn and subsequent love of doing it and questioned if I was being told the actual story.

    I’m not against all censorship but even apart from porn the internet will never be a place for an unsupervised child. Really to think that keeping porn behind a block will solve any problems for parents while causing many problems for others is just daft.

    So I guess my declaration is this…I am Bunny White. I am a Christian and have been on my own Christian journey since my confirmation 16 years ago. I am also a feminist. I also enjoy watching porn with my Bad Kitty. I have never been abused physically or sexually and do not see porn as the danger is is purported to be.

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