#SinfulSunday – Hot Cross Boobies

The Bad Kitty and his Space Bunny have been busy over the last few months.  For one thing we’re no longer long distance partners and we’re married too.  At last we’re the together kinky sexy couple we’ve always wanted to be.

It’s Easter weekend so Bad Kitty got out his candles to celebrate his first Easter with his Space Bunny.


#SinfulSunday – Wax On, Wax Off MVK Style

Long distance relationships are hard work, sometimes punctuated by feelings of missing the beloved and wondering if things outside your control will prevent you from being together permanently. So when the people in that relationship do get to spend time together well, there isn’t much time for blogging about it.  If you know what I mean :)

Space Bunny and Bad Kitty love wax play and knife play. Bad Kitty had seen a wax play demo recently which planted a few ideas in his Evil Kitty Mind and when Major von Kitten of the Catstapo is in the house, well, Funky Kitty Things happen…


Wicked Wednesday – Ejaculation Etiquette

The Bad Kitty recently found himself chatting with someone who considers themselves to be something of an expert on etiquette.  With business finished we relocated to a hostelry and continued our chat but focussing on topics of more interest to readers of BKE.

A simple question was asked: “What is the correct etiquette regarding ejaculation?”


Wicked Wednesday – Keeping It Real

Erotica is glamourised?

Really? *gasps in amazement*

Well bloody hell!! Next you’ll be telling me that WWE wrestling isn’t choreographed and that EastEnders is real.

The “No Shit Sherlock” department have really outdone themselves this time.

Of course it’s glamourised and not realistic. Do you think condom troubles and sudden loss of libido are the things popular erotica novels are made of?

Here are two versions of the same story – a fantasy one and a far more realistic one.

This story is not for the narrow minded.  If any descriptions of sex are not your bag then you’d better leave now – here’s a link for you to click. You have been warned.


#KinkOfTheWeek – The Delight Of The Bite

Those of you who have read Bad Kitty’s Sinful Sunday posts will know of The Bite which started his journey into the kinky world.  So the act of being bitten is one which holds great significance for this Kitty and which has encouraged and provided many fantasy moments since.


Wicked Wednesday – New Year Wishes

What would the Bad Kitty like to see in 2014?

Hmm… what do you think the Bad Kitty would like to see in 2014?


Wicked Wednesday – Christmas 2013

Like most cats, the Bad Kitty likes to sing sometimes :)  This week’s Wicked Wednesday prompt, Christmas 2013 gives the Bad Kitty the chance to sing…


Bad Kitty’s Christmas Address

As Yule approaches, it is a time for celebration, a little (over) indulgence and contemplation.

Usually it is a time of giving good wishes to the people you have met, but recent times have shown narrow-mindedness and stupidity in excelsis.

The Bad Kitty refers to David Cameron, Claire Perry, O2 and the United Methodist Church.


#SinfulSunday – Cock Guitar

The Bad Kitty is a student and devotee of an ancient art of puppetry.  There are no strings, there are no puppets.  Surely you know what this means?  Here’s one that didn’t get into the stage show. You know how some people say that lead guitarists are right cocks?


Erotica 2013 Review

When the Bad Kitty heard that Erotica had moved to a new venue – Tobacco Dock – he was interested in what people would think of the event.  His previous experience of Erotica when at Olympia wasn’t one he cared to remember so it was with hope for better things that the Bad Kitty visited the Sunday of Erotica 2013.

The first thing that Bad Kitty noticed was the feeling of much more space.  This Kitty isn’t keen on crowds so space is a good thing; there was not a feeling of too much being stuffed into a small space.  The light was good, unlike many exhibition areas which overdose on headache inducing bright lights.  With bag and programme in hand, Bad Kitty went for a mooch around.